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Today the lovely Kate Cagney from New Vistas came to properly introduce me to my new kinesiology test kit containing their homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements.  The company was founded in 1990 and supplies remedies internationally from its Irish base.

New Vistas Homeopathy remedies are appropriate and very relevant to today’s healthcare sector. They assist repair, maintenance and nourishment of the body’s cells.  Im delighted to be incorporating their test kits into Kinesiology sessions and look forward to the results revealing themselves.

The detox remedies, presented as XENOBIOTICS, address the problems of chemical and heavy metal toxicity, food additives, medications, cleaning materials and many others.  Detoxing at a cellular level as opposed to organ or tissue level is the objective and this is the benefit of homeopathic detoxification.

Organ therapy was identified as the other key element in the health and recovery programme and the organ remedies are presented at LIQUESCENCES.  This combination of supporting the organs of detoxification during the elimination process has found to be of huge significance.  Using resonance testing, particularly Kinesiology, we are able to identify organs which are stressed, under-nourished and/or nutritionally depleted as a result of toxic overload.  These organs recover more quickly when the LIQUESCENCES are used in conjunction with the detox remedy (XENOBIOTIC).

The LIQUESCENCES are low potency combination remedies derived from multiple sources and referred to as micro nutrients.  They are essential in homeopathic potency as people who are already toxic may be unable to absorb or assimilate herbs and minerals in whole form.  LIQUESCENCES are used for their potential to enhance health, supporting immunity and digestion, strengthening cardiovascular, nervous, sensory and cognitive functions as well as other body systems.

New Vistas combines homoeopathy and nutrition with diagnostic procedures, particularly Kinesiology and Bio-resonance testing to which they give the term homoeotherapy.  Testing identifies the needs of the client and enables a bespoke healthcare plan.



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